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Micrograph Award 2023

Winner Applications 2023

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Micrograph Award 2022

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Art Award 2022

Micrograph Award 2021

Winner Applications 2021

Honorable Mention 2021

Micrograph Award 2021  - Special Edition

Winner Applications 2021 - Special Edition

SEM image of a Full Electrostatic Control of Nanomechanical Buckling Device

Honorable Mention 2021 - Special Edition

SEM image of a Cross-bar Photonic crystal cavity
SEM image showing High-Mobility Free-Standing InSb Nanoflags Grown on InP Nanowire Stems for Quantum Devices
SEM image of a Charge carrier separation in InAs/InP/GaAsSb core-dualshell based multifunctional device
SEM image of a doubly-clamped beam NEMS device
SEM image of a All-dielectric Metasurface
SEM image showing the growth of InP nanowires via selective area epitaxy for single photon emission
Picture showing a blazed grating for augmented reality applications

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