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In a world of constant change and enormous challenges, we aim to contribute to the solution with outstanding nanotechnology innovations. We strive to push the boundaries of what is being possible in nanotechnology and we enable our customers to advance the digital future.


Challenge the frontiers of nanotechnology

Our world is in constant change, and humanity is facing countless challenges that need new ways of thinking and innovative solutions. These solutions frequently require ever smaller features or devices that are faster, more precise, or more efficient. In these cases, big challenges need small solutions!

Feature sizes that are considered small nowadays are challenged to become even smaller in the future. What is considered common right now might soon be overruled by new ways of thinking. Today’s idea may be tomorrow’s breakthrough.

At RAITH, we constantly challenge the limits of what is possible in nanotechnology, especially in the areas of semiconductors, optoelectronics, nanophotonics, and quantum technology.

We enable our customers to push the limits of “small,” of “precise,” of the “status quo,” and of “the impossible,” so that the most pressing challenges of today are solved with the help of our innovative products and solutions. Fabrication of any nanostructure is in our DNA.

Working with innovators and solution providers worldwide, we thus shape the world of tomorrow.


We enable innovation and industrial implementation of nano devices to advance the digital future.

The ever more complex world of today includes megatrends like connectivity, mobility, and digitalization. As related challenges cannot be solved by more of the same, innovation in nanotechnology is mandatory. The dynamics of advances in areas like the Internet of Things, quantum computing, and datacom are setting the pace in our digital world. These trends give us guidance for all of our activities at RAITH.

Our state-of-the-art systems and solutions enable innovators to fuel these trends. We pave the way from breakthrough innovations to rapid prototyping and, finally, all the way to volume production of nanotechnology devices.

Automation, reproducibility, and rapid prototyping are intrinsic parts of our solutions and are a must to bridge the gap between R&D and production. With RAITH solutions, innovators already have these capabilities at hand from day one, ready for technology transfer into production.

We enable our customers by meeting their requirements for advancing in nanotechnology. At RAITH, we provide the technology necessary to create, modify, characterize, and visualize smallest structures to drive the digital future.

Find out how our customers challenge the frontiers of nanotechnology with their work each and every day: