Discover Nanoengineering beyond Electron Beam Lithography

Photo of the nanoengineering tool LINE Plus

Nanoengineering beyond electron beam lithography with the “Swiss Army knife” of nanofabrication

The widely used eLINE Plus is the optimum system for universities and research centers seeking to access a broad bandwidth of nanofabrication applications with a single multifunctional electron beam lithography (EBL) system.

The advanced lithography infrastructure of eLINE Plus supports both ultra-high-resolution electron beam lithography and large-area nanofabrication. Moreover, eLINE Plus´s multifunctionality unites the worlds of electron beam lithography, nanoengineering, ultra-high resolution, and large-area SEM imaging, including dedicated features for metrology and process control.

eLINE Plus provides the following smart building blocks and concepts:

  • Advanced 30 kV TFE electron optical column technology
  • Innovative and unique stitch-error-free writing strategies
  • Dedicated features for automated waferscale metrology and process control
  • Laser Interferometer Stage
  • Multiple detector concept
  • Multiport vacuum chamber
  • Open and upgradable platform concept
  • Raith NanoSuite: comprehensive software interface with all modules fully integrated
Photo of the Gemini-type e-beam clolumn for nanoengineering
Gemini-type e-beam colum for broadest nanoengineering application bandwidth

eLINE Plus is designed for ultimate flexibility and versatility in the field of multi-technique in-situ nanofabrication beyond classical electron beam lithography. Fully equipped with all nanoengineering options, the tool philosophy is aligned to the workflow “fabricate, relocate, modify, measure.”

The innovative lithography system architecture is complemented by the unique stitch-error-free writing modes traxx and periodixx, as well as a range of further options including seamlessly integrated nanomanipulators for e.g. nanoprobing or nanoprofilometry plus a gas injection system for focused electron beam induced processes (FEBIP). With these features, eLINE Plus is currently the most universal and unique nanoengineering EBL system in the world.


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The world’s smallest beam size of a professional EBL system:

< 1.6 nm

Capable of 5 nm linewidth:

< 5 nm

Linewidth using electron beam induced deposition:

< 7 nm

Expandable research tool concept

eLINE Plus´s modularly expandable research tool concept enables users to upgrade and adapt their system to latest trends in nanoresearch even long after their system purchase. Extending beyond the “classical” EBL application range, eLINE Plus opens the doors for interdisciplinary activities across many fields of research.

It offers the smallest electron beam size delivered by an EBL system in the world, at 1.6 nm – an undeniable requirement for exploring highest-resolution nanofabrication that goes beyond frontiers, both in nanolithography and in other focused electron beam induced processes (FEBIP).

Photo of three people working in the Raith Service and Support Center

Raith Service - with you all the way

Specifications and system performance parameters are certainly drivers of decision-making where EBL systems are concernedHowever, more factors need to be taken into consideration if efficient operation, continous uptime, and subsequent reliable support are to be ensured over the instrument system’s lifetime.  

With a worldwide team of professional service engineers, Raith Service ensures you can make the best use of your system. When you decide on a Raith system, all site surveys together with environmental measurements, support with the resulting cleanroom laboratory setup, factory and on-site acceptances, and comprehensive on-site training are always included. Moreover, application support is available free of charge in all global time zones.  

Raith service contracts follow a modular scheme and can be configured to match your individual requirements and budget. Visit our Service site or get in touch with us to learn more. 


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